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Bar Exam Administration Rules
Some of you have asked what you can bring into the bar exam.Things in red you cant bring into MBE session.
The list is as follows:
1. The admittance ticket (there should be no writing on the ticket);

2. Pencils and pens;

3. Silent analog watches, timers and clocks measuring 4" x 4" or smaller;

4. Rulers;

5. Paper clips;

6. Highlighters (must not be used on answers);

7. Back support;

8. A pillow without a case;

9. One bookstand;

10. One foot rest;

11. Splints and braces;

12. Inhalers;

13. Crutches;

14. Wheelchairs;

15. Casts;

16. Hearing aids;

17. TENS units;

18. Eyeglasses;

19. Ear plugs or plastic material normally associated with the sport of swimming (must not be connected);

20. Feminine hygiene items;

21. Medicine;

22. Diabetes-related equipment;

23. ID;

24. Money that might be needed for the lunch break (you are not allowed to bring a wallet into the test center);

25. Keys; and,

26. The following laptop accessories: separate keyboard, wireless mouse, laptopriser/stand no higher than 4" and solid color mouse pad with no writing on it.

Please note, however, that during the MBE sessions, you may not bring pens, rulers, paper clips, highlighters, back supports, pillows, bookstands or foot rests into the examination room.

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The complete list of rules and regulations for the exam administration may be found at http://admissions.calbar.ca.gov/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=hnNA8XiRINA%3d&tabid=250&mid=615

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