Paralegals are required to dress appropriately. What about our clients'
By: Sheila on Mar 27, 2012 09:00:30 AM
Paralegals are required to dress appropriately. What about our clients' attire choices? I propose law firms consider handing out "How to dress for success during legal representation" brochures. Clients' fashion statements. How do we help our clients look their best during representation? I am not talking about clients dressing for comfort since we work for them. Have you had to prepare/ gently coach, or insist your clients dress appropriately for depositions, or more importantly, arbitration, and Court? Our clients seem completely oblivious that the way they present impacts opposing counsel, arbitrators, mediators, expert witnesses, Judges, and jurors. I suggest a "What, and what NOT to wear throughout your legal representation" handout. Let's include, spandex tights, high water jeans that are shamelessly tight, minimal makeup, no smoldering Victoria's Secret supermodel eyes, lips, and distracting long, loud dragon lady talon nails. Verboten~ visible lingerie, ultra dark spay tans, fruity body lotions, strong perfume, (or worse, body odor, and unkempt hair), Juicy sweat suits Uggs, half-shirts, micro mini skirts, sky high stilettos, visible tattoos, disheveled clothing, short shorts, too tight, or the gang banger/ rap star look~ sagging clothes, minimal jewelry. Please help us help you by not looking like a Playboy Centerfold, or Jay Z. This Fashion Coach duty has become my "specialty" since my attorneys are not willing to do a client makeover overhaul. They say "You are going to have to do your thing with this one, Sheila. Houston, we have a problem!" I am interested in your stories.  

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