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As you probably know, your cell phone contract is a legal agreement that usually has a penalty clause for early termination.  The phone carriers justify the penalty in several ways, with the most legitimate reason being the free or partially free phone you got when you agreed to the contract. Nowadays, most carriers, needing to remain competitive and because the Government began to jump up and down over all the complaints about early termination fees they were getting, now prorate the fees based on how much time is left on your contract.

Still, sometimes even these prorated fees remain high enough to make you feel as if you were a prisoner to the carrier. Most carriers have a one or two year contract.  What many people don’t realize is that if during the contract period you change your service plan or make any other change, you have extended your contract ending date, usually for a year from the change.

People who move to new locations sometimes find that their cell phones now have poor or no service and if you want to end your service because of this, you probably will still face early termination fees.

Most cell phone providers tend to bury changes to their Terms of Service in the fine print that comes on a page with your bill. Even if the change is beneficial, it changes the contract.  Most times the carrier gives you 30 days, depending where you live, to cancel at no charge, because they changed the contract.

People who feel that they were charged unfair early termination fees when they either cancelled their contract with good reason, such as lack of service, or had their contracts extended without proper authorization or notification may have legal recourse.

If you were unfairly charged an early cell phone termination fee and paid it or complained about your termination fee without satisfaction, let LegalNetworekr connect you to an attorney who will help, advise and protect your legal rights.


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