Chevron U.S.A v. Natural Resources Defense Council Inc.
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Citation:  467 U.S. 837, 104 S. Ct. 2778, 81 L.Ed. 2d 694(1984)

Summary:  Congress enacted certain requirements which were applicable to states which had not yet achieved the national air quality standards. EPA regulations were enacted and Respondents filed for review. Petitioners claimed that EPA had correctly interpreted the amendments.

Facts:  Congress enacted certain requirements in the clean air act of 1977 which were applicable to the states that had not yet achieved national air quality standards established by the Environmental Protection Agency. The amended clean air act required that the non attainment states to enact a new or modified major statutory source of air pollution. EPA regulation promulgated to implement thee permit requirement which allowed the states to adopt a plant definition of the stationary source. Respondents filed petition for review before the appellate court which set aside the regulations. Petitioners sought review of the decision passed by the appellate court.

Issue:  Whether appellate court was correct in setting aside the regulations of EPA?

Holding:  No, appellate court was not correct in setting aside the regulations of EPA.

Procedure:  Judgment of the appellate court was reversed by the United States Supreme Court.

Rule:  The Power of an administrative agency to administer a program created by the congress requires the formulation of policy and the making of the rules to fill any gap which has been left by the congress implicitly or explicitly.

Rationale:  When the construction of the statute which has been administered by the agency was reviewed, it had to confront with two questions; firstly whether the congress had spoken on the issue in question. If the congress had spoken on the issue then the matter ended there. But if it was found that the congress had not expressed directly on the issue, the court cannot express its own view on the issue.


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