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By: LN on Jul 13, 2012 01:24:06 PM

Shortcuts and Support from ExamSoft

This time of year, most students have either finished exams or they can see the finish line ahead.  We appreciate that for applicants getting ready for the bar exam, though, exam related stress is starting to peak.  Our team wants to do all it can to help alleviate any undue stress and to help each test taker be as successful as possible.

We are available by phone, email or chat, both before the exam day and afterwards.  We also have a wide range of online resources available (including support information) through and, more specifically, the custom website hosted for each state bar (This is the website where applicants download and install Softest. The URL can be found in the emails that ExamSoft sends to each applicant or on our Website at  If anyone has any questions or problems, we’re here to help!

In the interests of making our software as helpful as possible for exam takers, we review the survey data we receive from examination takers (the survey link is provided after each exam).  This input drives a lot of things we do, beginning with our software development and refinement.  Sometimes, the survey data points us in the direction of something really simple.  One of the things we discovered is that not all exam takers know all of the features or shortcuts that are available in Softest.  Feature availability, like spell check or copy/paste, varies from situation to situation (i.e. client policies vary), but here are some shortcut tips we hope you find:




Copy ⌘C Ctrl C
Paste ⌘V Ctrl V
Cut ⌘X Ctrl X
Undo ⌘Z Ctrl Z
Redo ⌘Shift Z Ctrl Shift Z
Show Fonts ⌘T
Bigger Font ⌘+
Smaller Font ⌘ -
Show Colors Shift ⌘ C
Copy Style Option ⌘ C
Paste Style Option ⌘ V
Left Align ⌘ { Ctrl {
Center Align ⌘ | Ctrl  |
Right Align ⌘ } Ctrl  }
Minimize ⌘ M Ctrl M
Previous Question control ⌘ leftarrow
Next Question control ⌘ rightarrow
First Question control ⌘ uparrow
Last Question control ⌘ downarrow
About SofTest f1
Hide Others option ⌘ H
Paste and Match Style option shift ⌘ V
Select All ⌘ A Ctrl A
Special Characters ⌘ option T
Jump to Selection ⌘ J Ctrl J
Exit and save the exam ⌘+Q Ctrl+Q
Save the exam ⌘+S Ctrl+S
Hide exam(e.g. if go to restroom) ⌘+H Ctrl+H
Show exam notices ⌘+N Ctrl+N
Show attachments ⌘+R Ctrl+R

Good luck on exams.


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