DMV Request for Record Information
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Request for Record Information

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NOTE: The INF 70D and INF 70R have been consolidated into one form (INF 70) for Internet Use Only. If you are "Ordering DMV Forms in Large Quantities," continue to ask for the INF 70D for driver license/identification card record information and/or the INF 70R for vehicle/vessel record information.

 Request for Record Information (INF 70)

 A Vehicle Registration (VR) record contains information relating to the registration of a vehicle or vessel. A driver license/identification card (DL/ID) contains information obtained from an individual's DL/ID application, reportable abstracts of convictions, and reportable accidents. California Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 1808 describes this information as "public record."

 The Request for Record Information (INF 70) (PDF) form is used to request a DL/ID or VR record information on a one-time or occasional basis for:

DL/ID only:
 a copy of your own photograph or
 a copy of a deceased individual's photograph or

DL/ID or VR:
 An individual's DL/ID or VR record information; other than your own.

 You may request your own DL/ID or VR information by completing the INF 1125 form: Request for Own Driver LIcense or Vehicle Registration Record (INF 1125) (PDF)

 Each request is reviewed to determine that the purpose of requesting the information is for a legitimate use and that the appropriate fee has been submitted.

 Forms must be:
 completed on-line and printed (preferred), or
 printed and completed by hand, or
 printed and completed by typewriter.
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